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The Superhero-Hour video call on January 29th 2021 is a great present for you and for someone you care about who deserves a fulfilled life!

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What if this destroys my life?

You don't want to give up the security of your current life? You don't have to! You can start as a part-time hero and keep the security and safety of your previous life. This will give you the serenity and courage to try new things without fear.

But I'm nothing special.

Are you sure about that? I myself was very afraid when I was considering whether to seek my vocation. What if there is nothing there? The doubt nagged at me. But my courage paid off. And much of what has helped me and those around me, I have summarized in these 6 simple steps. With that, I've made it. And you can too!

Where to start?

The Magic Key defines the first three steps for your topic. For each area (like finances, health, career, friends and family, meaning of life) you can define your own magic key, so that it becomes a bunch of keys for all areas of your life. Just start with one area and add new keys step by step.

In our superhero hour we will go into more detail about all these points. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

The Book

Level Up to Superhero in six simple steps

how to master (y)our destiny and qualify for the 22nd century

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Reader's Testimonials

"I am particularly impressed by the drive and esprit to preserve and improve this world and to find an access to one's own vocation in an inspiring and humorous way, thus closing the circle, because only all of us together will make it."

Anja Zahorszky, art therapist

"Man has always sought solutions. Joerg Osarek takes the reader by the hand in an interesting and humorous way and shows solutions in a clear way. Valuable - educational - worth reading!"

Carsten Kaiser, Consultant, Kaiser Business Excellence

"Seldom has the guidance for peak performance and entertainment been combined so well!"

Stefan Nacke, movie maker