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Level Up to Superhero in six simple steps

how to master (y)our destiny and qualify for the 22nd century

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Reader's Testimonials

"I am particularly impressed by the drive and esprit to preserve and improve this world and to find an access to one's own vocation in an inspiring and humorous way, thus closing the circle, because only all of us together will make it."

Anja Zahorszky, art therapist

"Man has always sought solutions. Joerg Osarek takes the reader by the hand in an interesting and humorous way and shows solutions in a clear way. Valuable - educational - worth reading!"

Carsten Kaiser, Consultant, Kaiser Business Excellence

"Seldom has the guidance for peak performance and entertainment been combined so well!"

Stefan Nacke, movie maker


Do you want to achieve more, faster?

your free Superhero Hour

1 hour of personal empowerment by the author for you and someone you care about

Learn directly from the author of the book "Level Up to Superhero in Six Simple Steps" how to become the hero of your self-determined life without giving up your personal safety. In this call you learn:

  • What keeps us small?
  • your six simple steps to superhero
  • your checklist for super-decisions

your Superhero Day

1 day personal empowerment workshop for individuals or a small group. This one day workshop is about your personal journey. We cover:

  • upfront survey: Where are you today and where do you want to go with one topic you choose
  • important principles that keep you on track with your journey
  • additional checklist for more important areas of your path to growth

your Superhero week for teams, companies and organizations

  • you provide a survey with your individual requirements for your team, company, organization
  • initial 2 hour call to discuss your individual requirements
  • 3 day empowerment Workshop for your team, company, organization
  • you receive a report what you achieved so far and an action plan how to proceed on your path to superhero as team, company, organization
  • After one month we have a final call to foster your progress and check for helpful adjustments

a virtual or on-stage empowerment keynote or talk

One sentence spoken to me in 5 seconds changed my life! One thought or one idea can transform people profoundly. This is why talks and keynotes are so powerful. I offer professional talks since 1998 and in 2010 I decided to only give talks about subjects that I consider important or fun. And my audience reflected back to me that they can feel this. If you are interested check out the entries of type "Talk" and "Keynote" in my publications list at

Interested? Then feel invited to mail me: contact at level-up-to-superhero dot com or call me: +49-151-23 0 24 333.